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34th World Congress of Art History

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WENG Jianqing
Humanity, Nature and Pattern: the Meaning of the Space in Illustration of the Literature in Ming Dynasty

Session 11 Landscape and Spectacle

School of Arts, Peking University


This thesis takes the landscape and people’s activity in literature’s illustration in Ming Dynasty as the object of studying , emphasizing the meaning of the humanity ,nature, society and politics .Meanwhile, this thesis also researches on the pattern and decorative element, discussing the idea of the human being and nature that the image representthen studying the relation between culture and power at that time.

The studying object of this thesis is the pattern of the mountain , cloud, trees, courtyard and people’s activity and will use iconology to analyze them to get the discourse connotation , historical meaning and the literature continuity in Ming Dynasty.

WENG Jianqing

Jianqing Weng ,the PHD of Art History, works as the professor in Art School of Peking University, majoring at Chinese modern and contemporary arts and also doing research on art theory and public architecture .  From 1990, I have published several treatises as follows: Form and Implication——Traditional Chinese Decorative Art (2006) ,Conception and Inclination of The Public Art(2002) ,The Public Art in City(2004), Focusing Debate (1999,working with others) and about 80 pieces of theses on art history and art theory.