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34th World Congress of Art History

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YAN Xiaojun
Dong Qichang And The Travel Landscape Painting : A Visual Reconstruction Of The Real Landscape In His Neo – Confucianism

Session 11 Landscape and Spectacle

Shanghai Museum


People loved to travel in Late Ming Dynasty. And painters were interested in drawing the landscape in their journey, which was different from those paintings of scenic spots. This article will focus on the particularity of paintings in journey, and especially visual reconstruction of the real landscape in Dong Qichang’s works. Dong Qichang was not only a renowned painter, but also a critic at that time, who discussed a lot in the calligraphy on the paintings about sketching from nature. He views about the nature and ideas of Neo – Confucianism were elaborated in those commentaries. Based on The Travel Landscape Painting Leaves, The Misty River, and some other Dong’s works, which are all collected in Taipei's Palace Museum, this article is going to find out what kind of ideas and tastes he was holding when he went out to drawing down the real scenes. Meanwhile, how to describe a landscape by means of "travel ", and how to make a painting beyond the real nature scenes are two important issues that I want to discuss. In conclusion, Dong Qichang is not just a sketcher, instead, he is very good at recreating and sketching, which requires both excellent sketch skill and outstanding artistic quality. Compared with the majority of his contemporaries, such as Wang Fu, Wang Lv, Wen Zhengming, Qian Gu and Zhou Yong, Dong’s travelling landscape painting were drew from a totally different perspective. Painter was reconstructing the scenery elements with the rational ideas. And it is from this idea where painters had changed the landscape painting.


YAN Xiaojun

Yan Xiaojun , male , born in 1982 . Master degree , in Advanced School of Art and Humanities (ASAH) , CAA , followed Professor Wu Gan , majored in connoisseurship of calligraphy and painting . Ph.D degree in ASAH , CAA , followed Professor Fan Jingzhong , majored in art history . I am now the assistant researcher, post-doctor in Zhejiang University . The member of the project of Chinese Culture Propagation. Engaging in art history, creation and study of Chinese calligraphy and painting .