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XU Tong
The Creation and Spread of the "Jiangnan" Famous-site Images in Qianlong period

Session 11 Landscape and Spectacle

School of Humanity,Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China 


After the Southern Inspection Tours of the Qianlong emperor, the court artists such as Xu Yang, Dong Bangda and Zhang Zongcang left a lot of paintings of the famous sites along the route of the tour in Jiangnan, especially about the city Suzhou and the west lake.

Beyond the scroll paintings, there were also lots of books with woodcut prints about the famous sites. Among them, the book Nan Xun Sheng Dian(南巡盛典) best embodied the official intention. The Nan Xun Lin Xing Sheng Ji Tu(南巡临幸圣迹图 )has many similar picture models and the same elegant artistic standard with the Nan Xun Sheng Dian. By contrast, The woodcut images in the book Jiangnan Ming Sheng Tu Yong(江南名胜图咏),which published by the private booksellers: Guo Zhongheng, are much more rough, but spread much wider among people. The Jiangnan Ming Sheng Tu Yong(江南名胜图咏) almost like the travel guide in the Qianlong period. In addition to this, there were also lots of books contain the famous sites woodcut prints such as the Zhejang Jing Wu Tu(浙江景物图) and the Guangling Ming Sheng Quan Tu(广陵名胜全图).

This article will focus on the different woodcut print books about the Jiangnan famous sites in Qianlong period, which constitute the places of interest of the great Empire. Further more, comparing the books with the classic travel guide books in the Ming dynasty such as the Hai Nei Qi Guan (海内奇观)and the Tian Xia Ming Shan Sheng Gai Ji( 天下名山胜概记)to analyze the variation during 200 years and find what is new in Qianlong empire. In addition, to seek the influence of these famous-site books in the late Qing and the influence in the other countries likeJapan.


XU Tong

Name:  Xu Tong

Gender:  female

Date of Birth:  Apr. 1987

Place of Birth:  Beijing, China

Mobile:  13581987723




Ph.D. student. Central Academy of Fine Arts, School of Humanities. Beijing, China.

Major in Idea History of Chinese Art

Tutor: Yin Jinan Professor


M.A. of Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, School of Humanities. Beijing, China.

Major in Chinese Art History

Tutor: Yin Jinan Professor

Studying and Research interests:

Topographical painting in the Ming and Qing dynasty