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34th World Congress of Art History

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JIANG Fangting
Wang Shizhen and the Landscape Sketches of the Grand Canal in the Shui Cheng Album

Session 11 Landscape and Spectacle

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


My presentation is mainly a study of mid-Ming paintings of traveling, with focus on the Shui Cheng album「水程圖」冊 that related to Wang Shizhen (王世貞1526-1590). And this album is now collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei台北國立故宮博物院.

Wang Shizhen, a great literature leader, official and collector in mid-Ming, was also famous for his gardening works. Yanshan Garden弇山園, which was built in today’s Taicang area太倉地區, was one of the most important private gardens in Wang Shizhen’s life. In 1574, Wang Shizhen left his homeland for Tongzhou通州 by boat with the building work of Yanshan Garden unfinished. To relief the homesick of Jiangnan scenery, Wu Men painters Qian Gu錢穀 and Zhang Fu張復 accompanied and traveled along with Wang Shizhen, and helped him to paint the scenery from Yanshan Garden to Tongzhou, resulting in 84 pieces of landscape paintings. The large quantities of 84 pieces of sketches as a result of Wang Shizhen’s supervision and persistence, endowing Shui Cheng Album with a special position in Chinese art history.

The major contents of Shui Cheng Album’ include private garden, cities and villages, scenic spots, river passes and inspection bureaus, and river engineering projects. It should be pointed out that the long-water-route from Taicang to Tongzhou just mirrored the rough and rugged paths of Wang Shizhen’s own life, while the subject matter of Great Canal’s description, and the contents of this album - especially the depiction of river passes, inspection bureaus and river engineering projects - making the Shui Cheng album quite different from other traveling paintings of Ming dynasty.

JIANG Fangting

Hometown: Changsha, Hunan

Birth: 11/06/1988

Gender: Female

Study Programme: History of Chinese Art

Major: Chinese paintings of Ming dynasty

Superviser: Harold Mok(莫家良)、Li Song(李松)


8.2013 - now     The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Department of Fine Arts.   Ph.D.

9.2010- 7.2013   Peking University, School of Arts.                              M. A.

9.2006- 7.2010   China Central Academy of Fine Art, Faculty of Humanities.        B. A.