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GU Jiawei
Chunhui High School 1922-1925: The Pioneer of Modern Chinese School Aesthetic Education

Session 20 Professional Education and Aesthetic Education

Nankai University


In the early 20th century, with the impact of the Western World, China was undergoing a drastic transformation from a traditional society into a modern nation. Under these circumstances, emerged in China the modern school aesthetic education, which played an important role in the process of cultural modernization of the country. Since then, a number of precursors who believed that aesthetic education would improve the personality of young people, set out to promote it at universities and high schools.

GU Jiawei

Jiawei Gu iscurrently Associate Professor and the director of the Spanish specialty in the Department of Foreign language at Nankai University.


She completed her Ph.D. in History of Art from the University of Granada in 2014. Before, she received a Bachelor of Hispanic Philology in 2007 and a Master of Hispanic Literature in 2012 from Nanjing University; and a Master of History of Art form University of Granada in 2010.


Her research interests center on Chinese and Western cultural exchange, and architecture and the urban planning of the 19th and the 20th century. She has published Architecture in Five Cities of China in the Modern Era (1840-1949): Western Modernity against the Eastern Tradition; Analysis of the Translation from Chinese to Spanish of Terms for Traditional Chinese Architecture;Art Deco Architecture of Shanghai in the Modern Era(with Salvador Gallego Aranda).


In addition, she has translated several novels from Spanish to Chinese, includingThe Informantsof Juan Gabriel Vázquez; and The Five Suns of Mexicoof Carlos Fuentes (with Weijie Zhang).