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34th World Congress of Art History

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ZENG Qunkai
The Parallel geography and the parallel test: The style and experiment of the art history in the art ecology of the Xinjiang province in China

Session 21 Connecting Art Histories and World Art

Xinjiang Contemporary Art Museum


Based on the Xinjiang art of the diversity and geographic crossroads since ancient times as the fulcrum, this article analyzes the factors of the natural attribute of art, the globalization, and the Chinese inland-changing, the administrative management, the ideology, the economics, the geopolitics, the ethnology, the religion, the youth art, the time zone and the geography in Xinjiang, and so on. As the world's regional or local general influence, it is the meaning of the test on the construction of the art history under the influence.

We discuss the special and complex ways on the ecological construction of the contemporary art in Xinjiang, and it may be encountered in the capital from China and the western countries, the political ways, or the other ways on the art ecological construction.

And so we discuss the cultural style and the special experience of the context between the east and west culture in the region of Xinjiang with the influence of the Islamism in China. Therefore we discover the traits that are the rare and pure natural environment of the testing on the multicultural localization as the cell of the world in the Xinjiang province in China probably. 


ZENG Qunkai

Born in the Hubei province in China in 1987, and graduated from the Art College of Xinjiang in 2010.

Now Daniel is the Artist, the Critics, the Curator of at the Xinjiang Seven Lane Street in the creative industrial gathering area, the Deputy Director of the Museum of the Contemporary Art Xinjiang, the Deputy General Secretary of the Oil Painting Society in Xinjiang, and the Member of the Cultural Work Committee in the Xinjiang Regional Committee in the Chinese Democratic League.

Planning "The Enlightenment in bulk" ----On The 1985’s New Art Retrospective in Xinjiang, "The Narration On the Second Occasion" ----On the Xinjiang Contemporary 80 'S New and Prominent Art Exhibition, and so on at the provincial level.

Joint planning "The Pink and Public Perspective" ----On the Chinese Female Art Exhibition, "The Daily ranch"----On the New Silk Road International Image Exhibition and the other domestic and international activities.

Obtain the Outstanding Award of the Youth Art Criticism Award by the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2012, such as the national awards in China.