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34th World Congress of Art History

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REY-MÁRQUEZ, Juan Ricardo
Drawing Army and Science in 18th Century Hispanic America. New Spaces for Castas Incorporation to the Arts.

Session 20 Professional Education and Aesthetic Education


In this paper I will address the cases of Hispanic militias and Scientific Expeditions as spheres of incorporation to the arts for the so called castas, in comparison to the wide 18th century interest in the formation of academies. For this purpose I will focus on three cases from the viceroyalty of Nuevo Reino de Granada: first the institutions leaded by the army like Hispanic military academies, or by militia members such as militia’s commander Pablo Caballero (1732-1796) project for a drawing academy in 1792. In second place the scientific institutions for the teaching of drawing, particularly the 1798 Free school for drawing and painting founded by the Botanical Expedition of Viceroyalty of Nuevo Reinode Granada, directed by the botany José Celestino Mutis (1732-1808). Finally the 1795 project for San Felipe Benicio’s Fine Arts Academy designed by Francisco Felipe del Campo y Rivas (1750-1802), priest of the Cathedral of Santafe –nowadays Bogota. In every case I will discuss the place taken by the casta members and the ways of inclusion and social promotion related to the practice of drawing.

REY-MÁRQUEZ, Juan Ricardo

PhD candidate at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Master in Argentinean and Latin American Art History, IDAES UNSAM, Argentina. Researcher Center  on Art, Materiality and Culture University of Tres de FebreroUNTREF (Argentina). Recent Publications: “Discontinuidades. Aproximación histórica al dibujo en el territorio colombiano,” in Revista Arteamérica (Casa de las Américas, La Habana, n. 34, August 2015); “El dibujo como forma de conocimiento en la Expedición Botánica del Nuevo Reino de Granada,” in Domínios da imagem. Laboratório de Estudos dos Domínios da Imagem (LEDI) (Departamento de História da Universidade Estadual de Londrina, Brasil, vol. 9, n. 17, Jan-Jul, 2015)