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GUO Liangshi
Three basic types of ancient Chinese calligraphy education

Session 20 Professional Education and Aesthetic Education

Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University


The main contents of the Pre-Qin Dynasty Education is Six Arts(六艺)which including ritual(礼), music(乐), archery(射), riding(御), calligraphy(书)and arithmetic (数).The calligraphy() is Calligraphy Education.In addition, the the calligraphy and ancient official historian most closely. The official historian training and assessment has very strict requirements on calligraphy skills.Moreover, with the social and cultural development, Eastern Han Dynasty emerged  specialized training of talents of calligraphy is calligraphy subject. Sui and Tang the Imperial College has become Specialized courses. The three basic types of the calligraphy education constitutes the basic education system of calligraphy in ancient China. In this system, calligraphy became the art of calligraphy(翰墨之道), and developed into a carrier of ancient Chinese literati aesthetic ideal .

GUO Liangshi

Guo Liangshi(郭良实), born in 1981 in Tianshui, Gansu Province. Mainly engaged in research on the history of calligraphy and calligraphy production. Now a postdoctoral in Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University.  

 Eligible for Aesthetics PhD(painting theory and practice) Renmin University of China 2014. Doctoral thesis entitled "The Calligraphy Standardization from Pre-Qin to Tang Dynasty" .Has published "On the Liushu (六书)and Calligraphy Standardization ", "On the relationship between  Variant Chinese characters and calligraphy""The official historian other related Official System and the Chinese character Calligraphy Standardization""Play Iron flute and sky for  paper: Yuan Dynasty Yang Weizhen and his of calligraphy" and other papers .