CIHA 2016 in Beijing

34th World Congress of Art History

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Symbiosis of Nature and Art: A Neo-Manneristic Approach

Session 19 History of Beauty vs. History of Art


Many elements of our contemporary culture demonstrate a negation of the dividing line between nature and culture as between picture and body. In many spheres, and even so also in the sciences, pictures are not only used as a tool of knowledge, but become parts of the object which is to be detected. This process is specially evident in microbiology, optogenetics and xenobiology. In these forms of transformation concepts are coming up again, which were especially treated in the epoch of the historical mannerism, between approximately 1520 and 1600. The lecture will ask if our time can be seen as a special form of neomannerism.


Horst Bredekamp received his PhD in art history at the University of Marburg (1974). After working at the Liebieghaus in Frankfurt am Main as a curator (1974-1976) he became Assistent Professor at the University of Hamburg, where he tenured as Professor of Art History in 1982. Since 1993 he is Professor of Art History at the Humboldt University of Berlin. In addition he has been a permanent fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study/Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin (2003-2012).Since 2012 he is director of the Cluster Image Knowledge Gestaltung, Humboldt University of Berlin (with Wolfgang Schäffner) and since 2015 member of the steering committee of the Humboldt-Forum, Berlin. He is member of several academies, among them the German National Academy of Science Leopoldina, Halle (since 2004) and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (since 2016). Furthermore he has been awarded several times, at last he has become a member oft he Ordre pour le mérite (2014). He published 24 books and more than 500 articles.