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34th World Congress of Art History

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SHI Qian
"从日本伊万里到中国伊万里——十八世纪欧洲市场上的东方外销瓷 From Japanese Imari to Chinese Imari: 18th Century Eastern Export Porcelain in the European Market "

Session 16 Commodity and Market


16th- century, at the end of the age  maritime era, is the epoch of world civilization upheaval and the world market formation. At the beginning of the 17th century, the bulk of Chinese porcelain exported through Dutch merchants to Europe. As Ming Dynasty was perished in 1644 and the Qing government adopted a strictly policy of non-exportation, which lead to the number of the Chinese porcelain exportation sharply decline. It was a chance for Japanese potters. According to the European demand, they imitated the Chinese blue and white porcelain and Polychrome Enamels of Ming dynasty, made Japanese Fuyoude, Kakiemon and Kinrande style, and through Japan Imari port exported to Europe, the style was referred as Ancient Imari in Europe .

Nevertheless, as the ban of non-exportation was lifted in 1684 in China, In order to compete with Japanese ceramics, Chinese export porcelain began to imitate Japanese Kinrande Style, which was called Chinese Imari. Later, Chinese potters also created the more splendid Canton Style. Because of the advantageous of technical and geographical location, Chinese export porcelain regained the European market gradually in counterbalance, which lead Japanese Imari porcelain lost its market in 1757 and extinct at European. In 17-18th century, China and Japan's export porcelain is known as the Eastern Porcelain in Europe.

SHI Qian

Qian Shi, Professor, Ph. D. (Post-doctoral of Nanjing University of the Arts), Dual Master's Degree, Vice- Dean of School of Art and Design (Jiangsu University of Technology)

Professor Qian Shi mainly publishes on art history of Yuan dynasty(1271-1368)Qing Dynasty(1645-1912)and the early 20th century in China (1911-1949). She is particularly interested in the Chinese Cultural exchange with the world base on the Chinese porcelain exportation.

She was the Visiting Scholar of University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum (UK) and Art and Archaeology department of Princeton University (US). She has been the Member of Jiangsu Province Artists Association.

Qian Shi was selected by Six Talent Peaks Project in Jiangsu Province at 2014, by Youth Elitist Reward, Jiangsu Province of China at 2013, by Academic Leaders Reward of Qing Lan Project, Educational Commission of Jiangsu Province of China at 2012.

She was granted by Government of Jiangsu Province, China, the 11th and 12th Philosophy and Social Science Reward at 2012 and 2014.

She was supported by the National Science Foundation (the highest level aid) for Post-doctoral Scientists of China, also supported by Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China, and other Research Funds.