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HAQ, Sama and CHOPRA, Virien
Synchronic Transmission: A Look at the Ramakien Murals at Wat Phra Kaew

Session 13 Transmission and Adoption

Delhi University


The proposed paper discusses two important aspects of tradition – continuity and synthesis – in Southeast Asia within the context of the Ramakien murals at Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok, Thailand. The first aspect of the paper proposes to discuss the historical and transcultural significance of the murals, while the second part looks at the sociological and arthological systems that operate vis-à-vis the construction of a dialogue between the Emerald Buddha and the Ramakien. A synchronic testimony of this dialogue is achieved through the visual and spatial narrative of the Ramakien created around the temple as if circling the vast ocean of Buddhism as a cultural signifier for co-habitation of older and new models of social co-existence and religious harmony.  The paper will utilize tools from art history and sociology to attempt to look at how a Thai cultural, religious, and cultural identity is developed through the hybridity of a Hindu epic and a Buddhist palladium.

HAQ, Sama 

Sama Haq is a Research Fellow in the Department of History of Art, National Museum Institute, New Delhi, India. She is currently pursuing her PhD from the National Museum Institute. Her doctoral research focuses on exploring political, religious and art-historical facets of Prasat Phimai, a Buddhist Khmer temple in Thailand. Her areas of interest include Buddhist art and philosophy in South, Southeast, Central and Far-east Asia. She has a Masters in English from the Arts Faculty, University of Delhi and a Masters in History of Art from the National Museum Institute. 

CHOPRA, Virien 

 Virien Chopra is s senior editor with Ratna Sagar Publications and an independent researcher in the field of comics studies. He has completed his M.Phil from the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, India. His M.Phil dissertation was titled “Text and Context of Graphic Novels: A study through Maus and Persepolis”. His areas of interest include cultural theory, semantics, art history, folk studies, and comics theory. He has a Masters in English from Arts Faculty, Delhi University. He has been an editor for the last 5 years and worked with publishing houses such as Rupa Publications and PenguinRandom House.