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34th World Congress of Art History

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GUO Hongmei

Session 2 The Rank of Art

Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China 


According to different social and cultural criteria from the tradition, this paper will focus the female images in the art of Mao era, and try to discover the relationship between the images and the factors of the social and cultural background through the study of the transformation of female images in the visual arts in this period.

 It is not a fresh topic which is usually be summed up by scholars as the "Iron girl", even some extent it can be said that "iron girl" image has been a myth. But if the images of women in visual art at different stages of this period can be carefully examined, we will find that these images have a transformation from the family to non family or social images, and a tendency to return to the feminine beauty. 

The change is contacted with not only the social reality of the time and the new China's literature and art policy, but also the constant change of new China's policy on women. In addition, during this period, the women's ideal images shaped by female artists not only in itself and the national ideology of gaze, but also by the impact of the image of women shaped by the contemporary male artists, the purpose of this dissertation is to investigate the direct and indirect relationship between the change of the images of women in the visual arts during this period and the social factors, resulting in a new social and cultural standards to interpret the visual images of women in this period.

Guo Hongmei 

woman, Associate Professor, CAFA, Doctor of Art History, CAFA


Main Research Direction: 1 The history and criticism of Western Modern Art

2 Visual culture research

3Chinese Modern Art History


2012-   Have been working in the CAFAM after graduation

2009-2012  CAFA School of Humanities

PH.D. The history and criticism of Western Modern Art, 2012.

           Doctoral tutor: Yi Ying Professor

2007-2008  GuangDong Museum of Art Research and Scheme Exhibition Department

2004-2007  CAFA School of Humanities

M.A. Western theory of painting, 2007.

           Master Supervisor: Yu Ding Professor