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34th World Congress of Art History

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Session 2 The Rank of Art

School of Art, Xihua University


Art criticism which has been triggered by the mechanism of modern art exhibitions, can be divided into different levels because of its generalization. The middle-level art criticism, which is situated between the elite professional, academic criticism and the informal, oral ones, means a kind of short comments without strict requested selection. Since the founding of New China, middle-level art criticism can be generally divided into three periods: pre-1980s, 1980s-1990s, and post-2000. The middle-level art criticism has two typical characteristics: one is the principle of content priority in analysis ways, and the other is to seek straightforward effect in language use. After 1949, the implementation of popularization in literature and art as a national policy, directly promoted the prosperity of middle-level art criticism in modern China. In some sense, it also could be regarded as a response to the long-existed traditional Chinese short comments. Through the deep analysis of middle-level criticism, we can make contribution to the establishment of New China's art criticism history in distinct levels and integrated structure, as well as find a cogent fulcrum for the research of popularization thought in New China.


Born in Guang’an, Sichuan province, graduated from Sichuan University, PhD in art history, curator, art critic, associated professor, master tutor, dean of fine arts department in Art College, Xihua University, director of the Sichuan Arts Research Institute, a member of the Association of Chinese Literary and Arts Critics, a member of China Arts Anthropology Association. Once worked as a directed editor in Sichuan Fine Arts of Sichuan Fine Art Museum. Studied at the National Arts Development Strategy Associated Collaborative Innovation Center, CAFA (2014). Graduated from the 9th National Youth Literary and Arts Critics Advanced Class (2015). Graduated from the Visual Arts Curators Advanced Class—promoting Chinese culture overseas, CFLAC (2016). Awarded the Fine Art theoretical Critic Prize, Sichuan province. Awarded the 7th and 8th Bashu Literary and Arts Bronze Prizes, Sichuan province. Organized over 20 domestic and international exhibitions . Published over 30 theses about Chinese modern and contemporary fine arts, and over 20 comment essays. Among them, 18 pieces are in Chinese core journals, and 14 pieces are collected by CSSCI.