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34th World Congress of Art History

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LIU Ting

Session 2 The Rank of Art

Sichuan Normal University


The Northwest Art and Relics Investigation (1940-1944) organized by the Nationalist Government Ministry of education was an important event in modern Chinese art history. The researchers used cross-disciplinary methodologies, which involved in archeology, history, folklore and other fields, to study the nameless art, neglected art and folk culture. Their work greatly challenged the thinking modes of traditional and classical art history, such as "classic and popularity", "center and periphery", and “art and non-art ". Their research outputs were mainly reflected in studies on Northwest grotto art, Han and Tang tomb art, Northwest folk art and decorative carving and so on. Their cross-disciplinary study realized the value reconstruction of Chinese ancient art in a special period in modern China. The essence of value reconstruction is to find a meeting point of the national spirit and the turn of cultural cognition. In this case, state, intellectual elites and public opinion jointly promoted the realization of the value reconstruction.

LIU Ting

Liu Ting is a PhD of Chinese art history, coming from Fine Art College of Sichuan Normal University in China. She graduated from Sichuan University, whose research direction is the history of Chinese modern art. She was a visiting scholar at the Peking University in 2015, as an associate professor, who has now completed 4 projects related to the art history and a textbook for college students about art appreciation. She is currently engaged in youth project of National Social Science Fund about "During the period of Second Sino-Japanese War, a study on Northwest art cultural relics investigation (1940-1944) organized by Ministry of Education".